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Kids Kingdom Child Care Center
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Parent Handbook


On behalf of the staff of Kids Kingdom Child Care and Preschool…..Welcome!  We are happy that you have chosen our center to care for your child during these very important, first years of their lives.  We will love and encourage them and keep them safe while you are away.  We enjoy having parents visit as often as possible, so please feel free to stop in whenever your schedule permits.

This handbook has been designed to help you understand the purpose and policies of our center, and give you an understanding of what is going on during your child’s day at school.  Please read this handbook very carefully and keep in a convenient place for future reference.


We believe that the “preschool years,” are the most formative years of your child’s life.  We have come to understand the importance of high quality, stimulating, educational opportunities for young children.  It is our goal to provide an environment that is well suited to meet all of your child’s needs. 

We use the Creative Curriculum in our classrooms and refer heavily upon Head Start, Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to learning.  Our curriculum and activities are designed to increase your child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical developmental skills.  Children will be guided through various activities throughout their day, but will be allowed to make many choices for themselves.  We feel this approach allows your child to grow and learn at their own pace



There is a Parent Information Board located just inside the front door of our building. Please take time to check it each day to stay informed of current and upcoming events. Monthly schedules, newsletters and calendars will be posted inside your child’s room. (You will receive a copy to take home each month as well.)