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Health, Medication & Clothing


iStock_000012219165XSmallYour child’s health is important to us all. Each child must have a current immunization certificate on file with the office prior to their first day of school. We will notify you in advance when your child’s certificate is about to expire. It is your responsibility to obtain a current certificate within two weeks of expiration of the previous one. Your child will not be allowed to attend school with an expired certificate.

Parents are asked to inform the office of any special health precautions (allergies, nebulizer treatments, seizures, injections, etc.) that their child may require.
An emergency card authorizing emergency medical treatment, completed and signed by a parent or guardian, must be on file for each child enrolled at our center. Our emergency medical facility is Pattie A. Clay unless otherwise requested by the parent. In cases of emergency, we will make every effort to contact the parent first. Children requiring emergency care will be transported by ambulance if a parent can not be reached.

All staff are trained in CPR and First Aid according to Red Cross guidelines.

Minor injuries are treated using approved first aid procedures and parents are given accident or incident reports informing them of the occurrence.

Illness: Parental cooperation is necessary to promote a healthy environment for all children attending Kids Kingdom. Please do not send your child to the center if they show any of the following symptoms of illness:

Fever of 101 degrees or above
Vomiting (two times within one hour)
Diarrhea (two bowel movements within one hour)
Red eyes with discharge

Your child will be sent home if they exhibit any of the above symptoms while in our care. If you have to pick up your child due to illness, please do so within one hour. You will be asked to sign a Communicable Illness form stating you understand that your child may not return until 24 hours after the symptoms have subsided.

A doctor’s excuse will be accepted, instead of the 24 hour waiting period, to allow your child to return to school.

Medications: Teachers will dispense either prescription or non-prescription medicine to your child under the following conditions:

  • Prescription medication must be required to be administered at least 3 times per day according to prescriptive label before we will administer it here at school.  We will only administer one dose of the three doses while your child is at school.
  • An “Authorization to Administer Medication,” form has been signed and dated by the parent or guardian and includes dosage and directions for administration. (These forms are on the clip board with each room’s sign in sheet.)
  •  Medication is in the original container, labeled with the child’s name.
  •  A signed and dated written authorization from the child’s physician is on file if the dosage for the child’s age is not included on the container from the manufacturer. (For example, many children’s non-prescription fever-reducing medications do not include dosage for children under 4-6 years of age.)

All non-prescriptive medications including Tylenol and sun screen must be signed in as prescription medication and be administered by their teacher. Please do not leave medicine in your child’s back pack or cubby.

Medicine will be kept in a lock box in your child’s classroom. Any medication requiring refrigeration will be stored in a lock box in the kitchen refrigerator.


All children must bring at least one change of seasonally appropriate clothes. (children in diapers require two changes of clothes)

Children must have one crib sheet and small blanket for nap time each day.  No large blankets, pillows or sleeping bags please as each child only has a small cubby to put their nap things away in.

Please dress your child in clothes they can get dirty in. Preschool is hard work and sometimes we get into messes and ruin our clothes.

All clothing and nap accessories must be clearly marked, with permanent marker, with you child’s name.

Nap bedding is to be taken home on Fridays to be laundered and returned on Monday for use that week.