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Kids Kingdom Child Care Center
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Child Behavior / Discharge Policy


Kids Kingdom’s guidance policy is designed to help children become independent and caring by learning self-control, decision making skills and responsibility for their own actions. Our goal is to help children develop positive self esteem and respect for themselves and others. At no time will corporal punishment be used at this facility!

Our staff uses the following guidelines and techniques to discipline your child:

• Use of praise through kind words and actions to reinforce desirable behaviors.

• Use of problem solving instead of punishment.

• Redirection to another activity when a child displays undesirable behaviors.

• Time Out will be used as a last resort when the previous techniques fail to change inappropriate behavior.


The safety and welfare of all the children at our center are very important to us. While the staff will make every effort to work with children and their parents to promote appropriate behaviors, there are situations when additional action may become necessary.

Initial meeting: If a child’s extreme, uncontrollable behavior, continues to physically or emotionally endanger staff or other children at the center, a parent meeting will be requested by the management staff and the child’s teacher. The problem behavior will be discussed and recorded, and goals for correction will be established.

Second meeting: If, after a predetermined time frame, the initial goals for changing the child’s behavior fail, a second meeting will be requested by the management staff. The behavior correction goals will be discussed again and a new behavior plan will be defined.

Suspension/Dismissal: If no progress occurs within the established timeline, suspension will result. Parents will be responsible for payment during the length of the suspension. Dismissal of the child will occur after three suspensions, or immediately if the child’s behavior severely injures a staff member or another child.


Kids Kingdom Child Care and Preschool  reserves the right to cancel the enrollment of a child for the following reasons:

• Non-payment or excessive late payment of fees
• Failure to submit required information or forms
• Failure to comply with the policies of the center
• Special needs of a child which we cannot adequately meet with current staffing      patterns
• Physical or verbal abuse of staff or children by a parent or child