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Kids Kingdom Child Care Center
360 Highland Park Drive
Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Arrival & Departure



Do not leave your children unattended in your vehicle. (Not even to run inside for just a minute.) Leaving your child unattended in a vehicle is against the law, and a violation we are required to report. Also, for the safety of everyone, please do not leave your vehicle’s engine running while inside the center.

No child will be allowed into the center before 6:00A.M. and must be picked up by 6:00P.M. A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be assessed for each minute a parent is tardy in picking up their child.

Children must be dropped off by 9:30 a.m. each morning.  We need your child to be dropped off by 9:30 so they can be counted for lunch and because children coming in after 9:30 cause a disturbance to classes who have already begun their instruction time.  Please do not call to say you will be late, children will only be admitted after 9:30 with a written doctor’s excuse.

Please do not bring your children in with food or drink.  It is very sad for us to have to tell all of the other children we don’t have any for them.

Children must be brought into or taken from the building by a parent or other previously authorized adult. (Please do not send siblings in to drop off or pick up your child.) Children will only be released to persons named on their child’s sign out list. We must have written notice in advance, when someone other than the parent will be picking up their child. Each parent is responsible for signing their child in and out each day. Sign IN/OUT sheets are located on the wall beside your child’s classroom.

We will not release your child to anyone we do not recognize without a picture I.D., confirming they are one of your previously approved, sign-out people.

Kids Kingdom must have copies of divorce settlements and custodial agreements in order to withhold the dismissal of a child to their biological parent.

Please notify the office by 9:30 if your child will be absent for the day.